After working for Shelter Magazine Group, Cottages & Gardens Publications, and British designer William Yeoward’s luxury brand, Alexa launched her design firm, Alexa Stevenson Interior Design, in 2010. She brings that editor’s eye to the spaces she creates, and her bright and happy interiors show off her deft hand at combining style--and an impeccable sense of color—with functionality. Her spaces reveal her devotion to the traditional—but enlivened, with a fresh and energetic approach. After 13 years in New York City, Alexa relocated to Athens, Ga., where she and her team continue to work with clients across the country.

Athens native Kingsley Strong spent a decade in Atlanta, working for luxury home furnishing business Kreiss Collection, before moving on to Acquisitions where she fell in love with antiques and interior design. She also worked for the showroom Ainsworth-Noah, helping designers with fabric selections for various projects. She moved back to Athens to run her family’s HVAC business, giving her a deeper understanding of the complexity of logistics—not to mention what it’s like to provide client support, and navigate unpredictable terrain, as a woman in a historically male-driven field.

With their solid foundations and combined passion for color, pattern, and all things tabletop, Alexa and Kingsley, who met while at University of Georgia, launched Lex & King—a collection of colorful, functional and classic-with-a-twist table linens and accessories. Lex & King believes that it doesn’t take much to turn an ordinary table into something extraordinary, and that you should use your good stuff every day.

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